How This HealthTech Recruitment Agency is Disrupting the Industry

A recent report by Deloitte suggests that talent-related challenges are one of the four most pressing concerns for healthcare companies in the post-pandemic era. 

Hiring for the healthcare sector can be extremely tough, mainly on two counts: 

1/ Finding candidates who are uniquely qualified to meet the demands of this specialized field.

2/ Not just the candidates, but also the person sourcing needs to have a deep understanding of healthcare regulations, privacy laws, and industry standards, and who have experience working in healthcare technology environments.

Most recruitment agencies struggle with pre-screening and getting to the right candidates. 

The majority of recruitment agencies lack healthcare-specific experience, apart from direct knowledge of technology.

They end up presenting a ton of resumes or irrelevant resumes that match the keywords in the job description, but don’t meet the role criteria or the company’s requirements.

There is no pre-screening of candidates for the lack of understanding of the roles which wastes a lot of the hiring manager’s time reviewing irrelevant resumes and filtering, which ideally the recruitment agency should be doing.

That’s where BenchPoint came in to make the entire process efficient and save time-to-hire for their clients by up to 57%. 

BenchPoint’s unique model combines its 12+ years of experience in the healthcare software industry – backed by its parent company – Arkenea. 

BenchPoint’s Unique Model Helps Save Time and Money for its Clients

This unique model is explained in more detail below.

1) Prescreening by Technology Leads

BenchPoint is backed by its parent company Arkenea – a healthcare software development firm with 12+ years in the industry, where BenchPoint’s recruiters work with tech leads from Arkenea to prescreen candidates and find the right talent.

This ensures more relevant matches by better understanding where the role fits in, and saves time spent by the client reviewing and hiring.

2) First-Hand Knowledge of the Industry

Working together with Arkenea – its healthcare software parent, BenchPoint’s team of experts bring extensive experience and knowledge of the healthcare industry to every recruitment engagement, ensuring they identify the best candidates who are uniquely qualified to meet the demands of this specialized field.

3) Role Matching and Not Keyword Matching

BenchPoint doesn’t just match candidates based on keywords through automated tools and platforms, but can truly understand where the role fits into the department and the organization to find the right candidates.

The team of recruiters have a deeper conversation with the hiring managers to really understand where the roles fit into the organization and that specific department. 

This helps them source candidates not based on keywords defined in the job description, but based on what the role demands.

4) Exhaustive Database of Potential Candidates

With the two companies working in tandem – Arkenea and BenchPoint, both have together built a significant database of some of the best talent in the industry over the last 12 years.

This helps in faster sourcing and prescreening, thereby shortening the time to hire for BenchPoint’s clients.

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