The Importance of Setting Clear Goals and Timelines for Hiring During the Holidays

December is often a quiet month for the employment sector because of Christmas and New Year. But does this mean you should put a hold on hiring? No way!

Think of this as a GOLDEN opportunity.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were over 11 million unfilled vacancies almost every month. The number of open vacancies reached a two-decade high during the holiday season in December 2018 when it reached 7.3 million.

Why should Your Company Focus on Hiring During the Holidays?

There are various reasons why your recruiters should think about recruiting between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, even though it can seem like more work than it’s worth.

1. It’s Your Chance to Get Ahead of the Game

If you hire around December, all of your new employees will be able to help your business start the year off strong, unlike businesses that decide to postpone hiring until after January 1st.

A report claimed that recruiting in the third and fourth quarters is more fruitful than hiring in any other quarter as the top candidates will still be submitting their applications in December.

 The hectic Christmas season won’t deter excellent candidates who are motivated to land their dream job. In between all the other holiday-related activities, they will be able to work on applying for new jobs.

Candidates that apply for employment during this time tend to be organized, ambitious, and strong time managers—all traits that make for successful employees. You’ll likely pass on the ideal candidate for the position if your company chooses not to hire during this time.

2. Schedules are More Flexible

It can be the best time to hire for your company in December simply because working hours for both candidates and recruiters may be a little more flexible. Less travel for conferences and fewer meetings with recruiters are typically associated with the Christmas season.

Since some employers are a little more accommodating when it comes to Christmas errands, it is typically simpler for candidates to leave the office if they already have a job.

According to Aberdeen Group research, recruiters can watch ten one-way video interviews in the time it takes to conduct only one phone screen. It’s not exactly a trip across the world in one night, but it can significantly simplify the overburdened recruiting process.

 By making the most of this time, you’ll be able to do more interviews swiftly.

3. You can Win the War for Talent as the Competition is Limited 

Many job seekers, both employed and unemployed, take a break over the holidays to reflect on their lives and consider any adjustments they might want to make. As a result, many excellent workers could decide that they need a change of culture at work and begin searching the job boards.

You may attract these individuals to your available roles by making sure your team is actively recruiting during December.

It’s possible that they will believe the reports that a holiday job search is fruitless. As a result, the odds work in your favor.

Even if they hate their jobs and are actively looking for work, job seekers who are currently working are more inclined to take a break over the holidays. They have a consistent source of income and spend time with their family while submitting resumes and job applications.

Over the holidays, many companies cease hiring as well. Avoid making the same error. Take advantage of the small candidate pool and throw your hat into the ring since there are still plenty of job seekers actively searching.

You have the chance to hire excellent people without your rivals ever realizing it because it is still uncommon for a business to concentrate on recruitment during the month of December.

Without having to fear that a rival company is doing the same thing, you’ll be able to chat with excellent applicants and employ them before your rival even advertises the position in January.

4. There are Plenty of Networking Opportunities

There are tons of networking opportunities throughout the holidays. Businesses often increase the number of activities they host around the holidays, just like families do. So start utilizing the rise in networking opportunities with your current coworkers.

Attend fundraisers, open homes, and other gatherings where you can meet and socialize with people who can introduce you to job openings. You have plenty of opportunities to network even during Christmas gatherings hosted at friends’ houses.

Here you can strike up a conversation about hiring and absorb some good strategies that they tell you. 

Keep a check on their networking and pitch in some referral help if that suits you.

Knowing why it’s crucial to prevent hiring efforts from slowing down over the holidays, you must now obtain advice on how to make the process as simple as possible. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to maximize your recruitment efforts while still having a good time over the holidays.

How to Supercharge Your Hiring During the Holidays?

1. You can Utilize the Free Time In Hand to Interview Candidates

A lot of passive candidates typically make use of their lenient work days in December, and as a result, they are usually available for job interviews.

Especially with all the major firms and companies shutting down for the holidays, this is the perfect time when they reflect on their life and work choices.

Use this time to tap into the pool of candidates and schedule interviews with them.

A study claimed that the top three reasons candidates are turned off by a post are unclear or unreasonable job responsibilities (56%), poor communication with the hiring manager (50%), and misalignment with the corporate culture and values (36%). 

You can use these loopholes to leverage your recruitment strategy by offering the candidates exactly what they are looking for. This might help you just find your next potential candidate this holiday season!

2. You can Kickstart an Employee Referral Program During the Holiday Season

You can probably expect the new hires to be active on social media over the holiday season. You must seize this excellent chance to encourage them to seek out excellent references and throw them your way.

Use comprehensive contact techniques and encourage them to send holiday greetings to outstanding employment prospects to further solidify the relationship.

A 2020 survey found that only 25% of employees hired on job boards stay for more than two years, compared to 45% of those hired through employee referrals.

With good reason, referrals have long been a cornerstone of contemporary recruiting strategies: 78 percent of recruiters say they find the best candidates through referrals.

However, keep in mind that the referral program you set up should be genuinely profitable for the employees at the outset.

3. You Can Use the Minimal Recruiting Competition to Your Advantage

There is minimal pressure from hiring managers during this period, and your competitor firms limit their planning.

The majority of recruitment agencies continue to be less active as holiday decorations fly off the stores and the holiday spirit takes hold.

But you can take advantage of this possibility to expand your talent pool for positions that are already available or that are anticipated to become available in January.

You won’t have a lot of competition from competing hiring companies that would otherwise be vying with you or stealing your highly qualified applicants.

Your business has no reason for halting employment in December. In many cases, hiring new employees near the end of the year is beneficial. While the opportunity exists, you should look into the advantages this time of year and make plans to step up your efforts even further for the upcoming Christmas season.

If you want any additional assistance, please contact Benchpoint, healthcare IT recruiters. We will provide you with advice on how to use your spare time to re-evaluate your hiring procedure and launch your holiday recruiting drive more effectively!