The Hiring Manager’s Guide on Recruiting the Best React Native Developers

Key Takeaways:

  • Analyzing the educational profile of the candidates is the first step in hiring React Native developers.
  • Testing technical skills is of paramount importance but don’t forget soft skills as well.
  • Use structured interviews wherever possible and compensate as per the market standards.

Today, many leading multinational corporations like Shine, Walmart, Skype, and Instagram use React Native to design mobile applications to ensure smooth functioning and an enhanced user experience. It is one of the fastest-growing open-source UI frameworks globally, with a sizeable market share.

A report by Bacancy Technology suggests that React Native currently occupies the second spot with a 38% market share, only marginally behind Flutter. On the other hand, React Native is becoming one of the most trusted frameworks for developers worldwide, as seen in the Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2021.

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Source: Stack Overflow

The data above clearly shows that React Native is incredibly popular, and global tech firms use it regularly to conduct business operations. These companies need large teams comprising tens or even hundreds of React Native app developers working on massive projects. 

Funghao (Robin) Chen, Mobile Lead at Discord, said this about React Native and how it helped their business:

Early on at Discord, we adopted React Native as soon as it was open-sourced to build our iOS app from the core of our React app. Years later, we are still happy with that decision. Our iOS app currently sees many millions of monthly active users, is 99.9% crash-free, and holds a 4.8-star rating on the app store. React Native has been instrumental in allowing us to achieve this with a team of only three core iOS engineers!

How To Hire React Native App Developers

It is a formidable challenge for hiring managers to find and hire React Native app developers, mainly because of the extreme dearth of talent in this field. 

Regardless, hiring a talented React Native app developer can be easy and straightforward if you follow our tried and tested methodology.

Here is our comprehensive guide on how to hire React Native app developer at a minimum cost with the highest possible returns: 

1. Educational Background

While recruiting a talented React Native app developer, you must pay attention to the candidate’s educational background, as you’d for any other role. Moreover, React Native app development is a technology-intensive role that requires tech-savvy professionals who have undergone rigorous educational training in related fields. 

Hence, we recommend that you carefully analyze the educational background of the applicants you want to hire as React Native app developers. In most cases, React Native app developers are Software Engineers or Computer Science Engineers with a bachelor’s degree and preliminary background in science and mathematics. These days, many React Native app developers also have a master’s degree from some of the most prestigious universities globally. 

2. In-house or Freelance

The next step after assessing the educational qualifications of your React Native developer applicants is to decide whether you want a full-time employee or a freelancer. Each has its benefits and drawbacks, and one model might suit a particular business model. 

  • In-house React Native App Developer

Hiring an in-house React Native app developer is the typical strategy, which requires going through the entire hiring process for a full-time position. Businesses who want to expand their development team so they may work on a more significant project might consider this option. This approach can be costly since you must consider the financial repercussions. This takes care of their base pay, bonuses, and extra benefits like insurance.

You must consider factors like the protracted hiring process, providing a suitable workspace for your developer, and salary management when hiring an in-house web development team. One of the numerous benefits of this option is having more control over a development team, and you can have more say in the outcome of your projects. 

  • Freelance React Native App Developers

The alternative is to hire a freelancing React Native app developer, which is becoming more popular, particularly in light of the Covid-19 outbreak. Nowadays, businesses feel more at ease employing independent engineers to address their React Native app development needs, often from various parts of the globe.

When hiring a React Native app developer, going the freelancing route can save you money because you only have to pay them for completed projects rather than hiring them permanently. However, there will undoubtedly be complications if you employ a React Native app developer on a freelance basis. For instance, your business will have less influence over the operations of your development department, which may not be appropriate for long-term initiatives.

3. Skills To Look For When You Hire React Native App Developer

Most jobs today, like data scientists or machine learning engineers, require an individual to have a portfolio of technical and soft skills. React Native app developers are no different, as these professionals should maintain a balance of hard and soft skills.

Here are the essential skills and qualities of React Native app developers:

  • Technical (Hard) Skills

As the job is fairly technical and requires highly advanced machinery and apparatus, technical skills are a must to excel as a React Native app developer. The app developer should be an expert in multiple technical or complex skills that are solely focused on their abilities with a machine. These include:

  • Android and iOS App Development
  • Profound knowledge and understanding of Javascript
  • Exceptional coding abilities
  • Knowledge of multiple programming languages like C/C++, Java, PHP, Python, etc
  • Hands-on experience with frameworks like .NET, React
  • Familiarity with tech tools like Enzyme, Hockeyapp, and Redux


  • Soft Skills

In addition to the hard skills mentioned above, a competent React Native app developer will have an arsenal of proven soft skills. These skills are not directly related to their day-to-day job responsibilities but help them survive in a competitive business environment. These abilities also ensure that a tech individual works seamlessly with other team members and eventually becomes a leader of men. Here are some critical soft skills for React Native app developers:

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Time Management
  • Working in groups
  • Workflow Management

4. Interview Process

The interview is among the final considerations when you want to hire React Native app developers. Here, the best approach would be to conduct a structured interview where the interviewer prepares a set of questions before the interview. This is unlike an unstructured interview, where most of the questions are decided on the spot. 

Structured interviews are highly beneficial, especially for technical roles like React Native app developers, as the interviewer can get more insights and information about the applicant. The HR manager should also prepare themself about the technical concepts that will be asked during the interview, alongside personal questions. 

Countless studies have shown that structured interviews are better at revealing important information about candidates and also help in saving valuable financial resources. According to a Wired study, unstructured interviews only reliably predict 14% of a candidate’s actual performance on the job, placing them behind background checks at 7%.

5. Competitive Salary and Benefits

The final aspect while hiring candidates for a React Native app development role is to find out how much it will cost you. HR managers should know that React Native app developers are among the highest-paid tech professionals, with salaries ranging from hundreds of thousands of dollars yearly. reports that an average React Native app developer earns roughly $103,051 per year, whereas, Payscale says the median annual salary for the same is around $97,000. Going by the multiple sources on the internet, it can be said that the mean salary of a talented React Native app developer is somewhere between $95,000 and $105,000. 

You can have a quick and easy hiring process for Native React app developers by using the strategy mentioned earlier and the processes.

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