The Secret Sauce to Hiring the Best Node.Js Developers

Node.js is becoming increasingly popular among tech companies of various sizes, including small, medium, and large organizations.

Reduced costs and high developer creativity are one of the primary reasons for Node.js’ popularity. So much so that Node.js has cemented itself as one of the well-known frameworks among students and developers.

Source: Jelvix

The above infographic shows that Node.js is ahead of many leading names like React, Spring, and Django.

Hence, tech firms need a regular supply of Node.js developers to execute their business operations successfully. But many companies need help to hire a node.js developer who is talented enough to manage their software development needs. 

Best Practices To Hire A Node.js Developers

Node.js is arguably the leading open-source platform among techies like software developers and data engineers, as seen by the data above. That is why companies are willing to pay top dollar for tech professionals who excel in Node.js technologies and applications. 

Justin Beckwith, former Lead Product Manager at Google, said this about the importance of Node.js.

“Node.js is a real opportunity to make it easier for developers to build high-performance applications and get it running onto the web in a really scalable way to deliver value to end users.”

Furthermore, Node.js is now one of the most trusted development frameworks, as seen by a Stack Overflow report. The survey with more than 80,000 respondents reported that Node.js beat the likes of PHP, C/C++, Ruby, and PowerShell. The below figure paints a clearer picture of the significance of Node.js among leading software developers.

Source: Stack Overflow

Regardless of this data, big and small companies are still looking for and hiring a Node.js developer. However, recruiting the most experienced and talented Node.js developers can be streamlined if you follow our tried and tested techniques. Here are the best practices for tech firms who want to hire a Node.js developer: 

Different Roles Of Node.Js Developers

Before hiring a Node.js developer, it is important that hiring managers decide upon the role they want to fill.

For instance, a Node.js developer can be a Software Architect or a Software Developer, and each position has different roles and responsibilities. We have briefly discussed each of these roles below:

Software Developer

In simple language, a Software Developer is a tech professional who creates computer programs and applications, often as a part of more significant programming projects. These people must have profound knowledge of coding, software engineering, multiple programming languages, and basic mathematics. 

Software Developers work with Software Architects, Database Administrators, and other tech employees to ensure the smooth functioning of an organization. Hiring a Node.js developer for the role of Software Developer is a common practice among startups and large corporations. However, hiring managers should be wary of certain challenges like skill gaps and lack of experience in potential candidates. 

Software Architect

A software architect is a software engineer in charge of making high-level design decisions about the structure and behavior of the entire system. They are highly trained and skilled software developers or computer programmers who choose the technologies and procedures the development team should employ.

Software Architects oversee the design and structure of entire systems and databases, making it a senior role. If you’re looking for a Node.js developer for the Software Architect role, you should consider their overall qualifications, work experience, and completed projects. Also, Software Architects must collaborate with people from many different teams, so they should have good interpersonal and teamwork skills. 

Type of Node.Js Developers

Now you know the role of the Node.js developer you’re hiring, but as a hiring manager of a leading tech enterprise, you must keep many other factors in mind. The work model and location is the next critical aspect of your firm’s recruitment process for a talented Node.js developer. You can hire a dedicated In-house developer or go for a freelancer. Meanwhile, some companies discard both and outsource their Node.js development needs to an external agency. 


Hiring an In-house Node.js developer is the conventional method that involves going through the entire recruitment process for a full-time employee. This option is appropriate for businesses looking to expand their development team to work on a larger project. However, this method can prove costly as you’ll have to consider the financial repercussions. This includes their full-time salaries, bonuses, and other perks like insurance. 

You must take into account factors like the lengthy hiring process, providing a suitable workspace for your developer, and, subsequently, pay management when hiring an in-house web development team. Meanwhile, this option gives you many benefits as you’ll have more control over a development team. You have direct access to your developers and can keep an eye on how well they’re handling their work.


The second option is to go for a freelance Node.js developer, which is also gaining traction, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic. Companies are now more comfortable hiring freelance developers, sometimes from different corners of the world, to solve their Node.js development issues. 

Choosing a freelancer when hiring a Node.js developer can be financially viable as you only have to pay them on a project basis, saving money in full-time salaries. On the other hand, if you hire a Node.js developer on a freelance basis, specific issues are bound to arise. For example, your company will have less control over the activities of your development department, and they might not be suitable for long-term projects. 


The final option is to outsource your Node.js development needs to an external agency for a price. These enterprises handle the software development operations of many small and big companies because of their years of experience and combined expertise. Many companies choose this option as it is cheaper than an In-house Node.js developer and more advanced than hiring a freelance developer. 

The only hurdle faced by companies looking to outsource their Node.js needs is finding a reliable service provider. This is because the market offers only a handful of trusted names who excel in providing satisfactory Node.js development services. 

Look For Adequate Skills

A Node.js developer is highly technical and highly focused on software development using advanced open-source technologies. Naturally, a competent Node js developer must have the necessary skills in their arsenal to advance in today’s competitive environment. At the same time, hiring managers and recruiters should consider the skills and competencies of the Node.js developers they want to hire. 

V8 JavaScript engine, AWS, PHP, Angular, npm, Agile front-end & back-end development, database management, and data security are some essential skills of a Node.js developer. In addition, a talented Node.js developer should be well-versed in multiple programming languages like Python, C/C++, Java, and many others. The best way to assess a Node.js developer candidate is to conduct thorough skill tests and structured interviews during the hiring process. 

Hiring managers should be aware of these technologies and programming languages mentioned above. A report by Statista shows Python and Java are still the most widely used languages among software developers. The graphic below clearly portrays the most popular programming languages today. hire a node.js developer

Source: Statista

Cost of Hiring the Best Node.Js Developers

The cost-related financial aspects are the final consideration for recruiters looking to hire a Node.js developer. The three models mentioned above have different costs, but each has unique benefits. Outsourcing and hiring a freelancer are two more economical options if you want to hire a Node.js developer, and their price varies depending on the type of project and merchant. 

Meanwhile, the most expensive option to hire a Node.js developer is to go with a full-time employee. Here you’ll have to consider the recruitment costs incurred during the hiring process and a potential employee’s salary. As it stands, Node.js developers are some of the most handsomely paid employees in the tech world., a popular job board, says that a Node.js developer can earn as much as $120,000 annually. Payscale reports that the median salary of a Node.js developer is between $100,000 and $110,000. 

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