The Best SaaS CRM Software With A Forever Free Plan

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A sales CRM software has the potential to streamline customer relationship management for your SaaS business, helping you manage more leads and eventually close more deals.

With the rising competition in the SaaS arena, acquiring new customers, establishing robust customer relationships and retaining the existing customers for the future has become a huge challenge for all businesses. Equipped with a CRM system that focuses on meeting the sales needs of your SaaS business, your sales team can stay on top of all the leads and maintain  better customer relationships.

A CRM for SaaS makes it possible to keep track of all the leads, get a comprehensive overview of all the leads present within the sales pipeline and manage communications in such a manner that leads not only end up buying the software and converting, but an ongoing customer relationship also ensues.

When the SaaS CRM software packed with all the features you need comes with a forever free plan, the deal doesn’t get any better than that!

Why pay for something your sales team won’t likely use?

There are a plethora of options available at your disposal when it comes to choosing a CRM solution for your SaaS business. Most of these options offer an exhaustive list of features. The downside here is that 60-80 percent of the features offered by CRM software never get utilized by startups and small businesses and you end up paying extra for the things that you don’t really need and aren’t likely to use.

The key requirements of a SaaS business from a CRM software is efficient lead management so that the leads generated quickly move through the sales pipeline stages. Filtering out a CRM software that fulfils the criteria of the core features you need and provides you the best value for money should be your goal while making the choice.

Here is a list of features that a SaaS company definitely needs in a CRM software.

Key features businesses need to look for in a SaaS CRM

1. Effective sales pipeline management

High-level insights into sales pipeline management and clear visualization of the pipeline stages helps your sales team effectively manage the sales cycle. Data about every single lead that enters the pipeline should be easily accessible.

Knowledge of the problem areas where sales stagnation occurs within the pipeline should also be easily visualized so that the sales team can make data-driven decisions to move forward with closing the deals.

2. Streamlining of conversations at a single place

Ongoing communications with customers and support are an important part of CRM. The software that you choose for your SaaS platform should allow you to have conversations with potential leads, send and receive emails and stay connected without having to switch platforms.

The CRM needs to provide a leeway for running email marketing campaigns for your SaaS business, sending out bulk emails as a part of the outreach strategy and replying to any queries or questions the customers may have as a part of marketing communication.

3. Contact and event management

Calendar and contacts integration with the CRM software is crucial for streamlining the sales efforts. The solution should allow you to view events that are already scheduled, plan future appointments and mark them in the calendar, and act as a singular touch point for communication all within the software.

Scheduling of follow-ups within the CRM software ensures a robust customer relationship and if the events scheduled can be visualized from within the CRM, it ensures that your sales reps never miss out on another appointment. Contacts management ensures that you no longer need to switch platforms in search of information about the leads.

4. Team integration and Sales automation

Sales is a team effort and the CRM that you choose should provide you with team integration feature so that all your sales reps can work together to achieve the organization’s sales goals.

The SaaS CRM software should also automate the repetitive tasks within the sales cycle so that your sales team does not get buried under the administrative work and can actually focus on selling more effectively.

5. Tracking of the key metrics

The CRM software should provide your sales team with actionable SaaS metrics which should help them take strategic decisions regarding the sales process. It should also provide a data-backed feedback mechanism which can be utilized to improve upon the performance, close more deals, identify the barriers to sales and overcome them.

Benchpoint: The best CRM software for SaaS startups

A truly intuitive CRM tool for your SaaS business, Benchpoint partners with your sales team on their journey through your business’ sales cycle. It automates the administrative tasks while letting the sales reps focus on what they do best- selling.

It’s easy to use visual interface and user-friendly design gives you a comprehensive overview of the entire sales pipelines, the number of leads coming in, the status of each deal, the future activities scheduled all at a glance. With features such as email sync and MailChimp integration, it truly is the one-stop destination for your sales team to help them close more leads.

Packed with all the features mentioned above and so much more, Benchpoint is the perfect CRM solution for startups and SMBs. What’s more, it comes with a forever free plan resulting in effective customer relationship management that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket and helps you clinch more sales.

With no hidden charges or associated setup costs, Benchpoint is the best alternative to Insightly, Pipedrive, Salesforce and all other CRM software available in the market that comes with a forever free plan.

Unlock the true potential of your sales team. Try Benchpoint for free today. No credit card required.

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