The Only Alternative To Insightly You Need To Consider (Comes With Forever Free Plan)

alternative to insightly - benchpoint

Insightly is one among many CRM tools for streamlining the efforts of your sales and marketing team but the steep price tag associated with it for availing its premium features is a huge deterrent to startups and small businesses.

If you are looking for a better alternative to Insightly, you have landed at the right place. We launched the perfect CRM software designed to meet your needs at a fraction of associated costs.

Built specifically for startups and small businesses, Benchpoint offers you all the premium features at a much lower cost, making it the only Insightly alternative that you would ever need to consider.

While choosing between Insightly and Benchpoint, an analysis of features is a must. Here are 5 reasons why Benchpoint makes a compelling alternative to Insightly.

  • Best in market pricing plans. Bonus: There’s also a forever free plan that offers all the core features with no additional charges.
  • Email integration and bulk mailing. Use your preferred mailbox, send bulk mails all without ever switching applications.
  • Complete customization of the sales pipeline. Chuck the cookie cutter pipeline templates and create one according to your unique sales process.
  • Contacts and Calendar integration. Stay on top of your sales game and never miss out on future appointments.
  • Data import and export. Ready to switchover to from sheets to a CRM? Get the task done in a matter of minutes.

Why pay for something you won’t even use?

CRM software is a word that sales reps hate the most. There’s a reason for that – the salesperson simply wants to sell and close more deals faster.

A problem with majority CRMs is that they are full of complex features and functionalities that simply act as detractors to the sales reps and are seen as a hindrance instead of facilitators. 60-80 percent of the features that are offered by the other CRM software are never utilized in reality.

After a thorough analysis of the true needs of the sales team, we stripped off the bells and whistles that other CRM offer (and which never get used) and formulated a product that focuses on delivering true value. Benchpoint offers all the core premium features that your team really needs to excel in their sales and marketing efforts.

The best part?

Access to these vital CRM features is forever going to be free!

Customer relationship management and sales integration would no longer require you to shell out big bucks.

Let’s talk pricing!

Building and scaling a business is a resource-intensive activity and pricing can act as a deterrent to getting a CRM software in the initial stages when budgetary constraints are high. Insightly and other alternatives like Salesforce, Pipedrive and Zoho CRM all offer a limited trial period or a free demo followed by variable pricing tiers.

Insightly offers a free plan but it is limited to only two users. The paid plans – plus, professional and enterprise plans offer the premium features at a significant cost.

As an alternative to Insightly, Benchpoint comes with a forever free plan making it the best choice for startups and SMBs. You get access to all the premium features your sales team requires to build a killer sales pipeline and close more deals and since it is free for life, it won’t put a dent in your business either.

The CRM that lets your sales team focus on selling

Your sales reps need to close more deals and if you have to spend an extensive amount of time training your sales team on the features of the CRM software and how to best use it, it is going to be counterproductive.

Benchpoint’s minimalistic and intuitive interface lets the sales reps dive right into the software. The sales CRM gives an overview of the entire sales pipeline at a single glance, the number of leads being currently pursued, the stage the deal is in, the probability of successfully closing the deal

The one-stop destination for all your sales needs

Benchpoint offers everything that your sales team needs in a single application. You no longer need to juggle between different third-party applications.

Seamless email integration

You can sync your Gmail and Outlook inboxes within Benchpoint so that you don’t have to juggle to read or send out emails. You get to keep using the Email provider you are comfortable with, without the need to keep switching browser tabs.

Mailchimp integration allows your team to send out automated bulk emails as a part of your email marketing strategy resulting in marketing automation.

Customization of your sales pipeline

We know the importance of flexibility in sales. This is why we offer complete customization of the sales pipeline. You can edit, add and delete the pipeline stages on the basis of your unique sales process. The ability of the CRM software to adapt to your needs makes it the best tool for sales pipeline management.

The clutter-free and user friendly interface allows for a complete visualization of your entire sales pipeline. You get access to data-driven insights leading to the discovery of areas of stagnation or bottlenecks within the pipeline thus increasing the efficiency of the sales process.

Store all your leads in one place

The importance of contacts in sale is immense. Get yourself a crm solution that makes managing contacts easier. The contacts from gmail get automatically integrated when you sync gmail with Benchpoint.

Creating and managing a list of contacts is a breeze with the software. Whether you want to add an individual contact or create a pool on the basis of the company the contact works for, you are done creating new contacts in a matter of minutes. Contacts management has never been more simplified.

Stay on top of all the events

Calendar integration ensures that your sales team never misses out on another appointment or follow up. Benchpoint allows users to create events within the application so that keep track of your schedule and manage appointments more effectively.

Don’t forget the data

All businesses have their own process of doing things. Whether you have been using a different crm and are thinking of making a switch or whether it’s your first time trying out a sales CRM, data forms the backbone of the sales process.

Importing and exporting sales data to Benchpoint be it from conventional excel sheets or from your website can be done in a manner of minutes.

Benchpoint is not just a more cost-effective alternative to Insightly, it is a robust CRM solution equipped with all the necessary features and designed to cater to all your sales requirements.

Get started with Benchpoint today and test out the features it offers first hand.

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