The one-stop destination for all your sales pipeline needs

The B2B sales management tool designed to meet all your sales needs. Benchpoint takes control of your entire sales process, cutting down time spent managing and logging data and let’s you focus on the business aspect. Stay on top of the sales with Benchpoint working on conversion of the leads and giving you complete visibility of all the deals.

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Get Complete Visibility of Your Sales Pipeline at a Glance

The minimalistic design of the dashboard offers clear visualization of all the deals being processed. Get critical insights of how the deal is flowing ensuring up to date information including expected closing date. Check out the deals won and lost at the click of a button. Identify stagnant sale areas where the movement is slow and work on it ensuring that the sales pipeline is not clogged.

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Connect with all Your Contacts with Seamless Email ntegration

Sync your google or microsoft account with Benchpoint and track all customer interactions from a single place. Benchpoint connects with all the contacts from your email making it your go to destination without having to juggle between numerous applications. You can also build up your contact list by adding the contacts into the application either by their name or by the organization.

Customization According to Your Business Needs

We understand that your business and its needs are unique, and so we offer customization of the sales dashboard. Add or remove the sales stages as per your requirements and stay on top of each deal. You can simply drag and drop the deals across the different stages and the deals get updated. No need for additional data entry

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Keep Track of all the Events

Sync Benchpoint with gmail and the events added in your google calendar would automatically be added under the events tab. You can also add the sales events manually into the application, with all the relevant details like the name of the person and the organization involved and you can be sure to never miss out on any important event in the future.

Add Products on the Go

Manage your offerings by adding products you are marketing to Benchpoint. Input the making cost, the selling cost and the quantities available and in case of multiple offerings, do a simple search using the product code and details about it would be there at your fingertips.

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