Contacts list

Maintain all your sales contacts from a single touchpoint. With Benchpoint you can add contacts and have them categorized into different organizations making it easy to manage your contacts.

Email integration of contacts

When you sync your email with Benchpoint, all your contacts get automatically synced as well.

Managing the contacts

The task of organizing your contact list can be quite a hassle. One way of simplifying the task for you involves categorization of the contacts according to the organization.

Sales pipeline management

Visualization of the deals within the sales pipeline and understanding the stage they are at in real time is essential to make the sales process more efficient and identifying the key focus areas.

Decluttered design

Benchpoint offers a clutter free visual interface that gives you a comprehensive details about the entire sales pipeline at a glance.

Efficient categorization

The sales pipeline is categorized on the basis of stages of sale making it easy for you to identify where great progress is being made and where the bottlenecks are situated. We also understand that every business has a unique process so the stages are completely customizable according to your needs.

Intuitive interface

The user interface of the Benchpoint application is extremely intuitive and offers seamless onboarding experience without any prior training sessions. Simply drag and drop the deals as they move forward in the stages of sales and categorize them as either wins or losses and that’s it. The layout and the interface makes it simple and easy to navigate even for a first time user.

Product inventory

Make Benchpoint your digital inventory by keeping track of your offerings at a single glance. You may be an organization catering to a single product or offer multiple offerings, Benchpoint works well for you either way. Add product details like number of units, making cost, selling cost and assign product codes for all your offerings. Stay updated about the existing inventory and take data backed sales decisions for the future.