Management Probe

Management probe

 Management Probe™ is a real-time organisation effectiveness diagnostic tool.

 It asks searching questions about a company’s performance, management culture and HR climate and provides real time results clustered in different “factors”.

 These provide a detailed and comprehensive picture of an organisation’s drivers, behaviours and values. You can use it as a “health check”, or as the logical starting point to any management development, change programme or re-organisation.

Examine the organisation as a whole, or different combinations of geography or hierarchy.

Measure the success of change initiatives, and  fine tune programmes to bring non-responding or poorly performing populations into line.

Analyse how a company performs in terms of hard financial and business issues, but also those hard to measure  so-called soft issues” which frequently define a business’s competitive advantage.

Benchpoint™ provides a cost-effective measuring system which enables active management in this difficult area. This is a very powerful tool.


        The Factors

Benchpoint Management probe

How does your organisation shape up?

             Business processes
         Change – future
         Change- current
         Communication
         Customer focus
         Engagement
         Finance
         Future leaders
         High performance Culture
         Identification with company
         Integrity
         Job demands
         Job satisfaction
         Job Security
         Leadership
         Management
         Managerial ability
         Managers’ interpersonal skills
         No hopers
         Opportunities for advancement
         Overall effectiveness
         Participation
         Pay
         Performance appraisal
         Quality and service.
         Safety
         Strategic Focus
         Teamwork
         Training
         Working conditions

Customised for you
No organisation is the same, so we listen to our clients and modify the questionnaire to meet their particular circumstances.

You can also have up to 5 company-specific questions.

We also modify the demographic slices to fit your organisation’s structure.

Make no mistake. If you called in a  big name management consultancy for this work you would be facing a six figure bill and a timescale to match. Not forgetting the cost and disruption of an army of consultants trampling all over your organisation! That’s why they hate us! Call for a detailed quote.