Membership Surveys

committees1A Benchpoint™membership survey is designed to enable professional bodies, trade associations and clubs monitor membership attitudes and measure effectiveness.

  • Does the management have the confidence of the membership?
  • Do the subs and fees represent value for money?
  • Are the facilities fit for purpose?
  • What should be the priorities for the future?
  • Should the organisation be speaking out on the burning issues of the day?
  • Is the website, useful, effective and easy to use?
  • What are the membership demographics?

 Lobbying Organisations use Benchpoint™ surveys to obtain quantitative and qualitative data and feedback from members to substantiate and amplify political positions.

 Budget: A bespoke survey will set you back between £2-4,000. Call for a detailed quote

  Thinking of conducting a survey? Download our simple-to-follow advice. CLICK HERE