Benchpoint introduces a powerful tool to measure employee engagement

logo-benchpoint Benchpoint, the employment polling specialist, has introduced a new tool to enable organisations to measure employee engagement, and many other factors which contribute to organisation effectiveness.

The on line survey, developed over time by a team of academics, business people and consultants, asks employees a series of searching questions about a company’s performance, management culture and HR climate and then displays the results in real-time, clustered by subject and sliced and diced by detailed demographics.

The results provide a comprehensive picture of an organisation’s drivers, behaviours and values. It works as a “health check”, or as the logical starting point to any management development, change programme or re-organisation.

It also allows clients to measure the success of change initiatives, and to fine tune programmes to bring non-responding or poorly performing populations into line.

Benchpoint’s Management Probe can be deployed very quickly and the results gathered instantaneously in real time. There is scope for customisation to include organisation-specific questions.

There are powerful arguments for business and Government bodies to understand their employees better and to create a climate where employees have a real involvement in their workday lives.

Commented Richard Gaunt, Benchpoint’s CEO, and a senior internal communications specialist, “Regular surveys of a workforce’s opinions, beliefs and workplace issues provide the key to any engagement programme. They also enable measurement of success and fine tuning of programme elements.

The Benchpoint approach is quick, paperless, very cost effective and uses virtually no internal resources.”

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