CEOs insist that Internal Communications is No1 priority…

But how can you tell if you are on target?logo-benchpoint

A survey by Deloitte & Touche and  “Human Resources” magazine on human capital revealed two things: CEO’s regard effective internal communication as their number one priority. HRDs put it at 5th

Human resource directors put employee relations in the number one spot (CEOs 6th).  So both agree then. You cannot have effective employee communication without good employee relations, and vice versa.

Managements often make the mistake of dishing out self-serving propaganda in awful news sheets and, installing complex, largely irrelevant, rarely-updated Intranets, and calling it good communication. They often spend millions on delivery systems (print, technology, videos) and very little talent, time or money on the message.

Are employees convinced? Is anyone listening? Does anyone care? Is anything changing as a result? No wonder CEOs put communication at number one, and you can almost feel their frustration. “For God’s sake Smithers, everyone communicates don’t they? Just go and sort it out!”

Understanding the audience is the first priority for any communicator. Continuously measuring the reach and effectiveness (and therefore the value) of internal comms is an important management function.

Benchpoint  the brainchild of Richard Gaunt, one of the UK’s most experienced corporate communicators, has cut the cost, and doubled the speed and effectiveness of the employee survey. Management can discover what concerns employees most, and measure their own effectiveness in managing the issues.

Benchpoint provides a range of on line measuring tools and surveys. It asks questions and provides fully analysed answers in real time. Ask today, set a tough deadline, and you will have the answers tomorrow. Is that quick enough?

There is a standard set of tools and surveys, but the system is flexible enough to allow any question. After all, not every organisation has the same agenda.

The system can handle any language, which means that a multi-national can survey the entire world almost as fast as the committee meeting to decide the agenda.

Benchpoint™ can measure employee attitudes, values and behaviour, alignment; management focus and credibility; communications effectiveness; customer satisfaction and brand strengths –in fact any issue where lack of measurement of the outcomes of an activity clouds the decision-making process.

There are also a number of bespoke HR tools, like appraisals (including 360 degree), training effectiveness and pre-employment and exit interviews.

According to the Human Capital Survey, IT is also a bit of a bête noire, with CEO’s saying the application and use of HR technology is well down their list of priorities, at 15th place out of 18. Just as well, since HRD’s say it’s the least effective of all their deliverables. The good news is that Benchpoint™ requires no software installation, no training, no IT overhead, and virtually no administration. Not only does it provide fast effective measurement, but it’s also a productivity tool.

Benchpoint™ has carried out a number of multi-lingual surveys for a French client, and is developing a personal and organisational effectiveness diagnostic tool for a UK management consultancy.

Search the “Human Resources” website and you will find over 10 references to “measure”, nearly 60 references to “survey” and 27 to “measurement”.

Time to start doing it, perhaps?

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