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logo-benchpointBenchpoint, founded in 2002, is one of the pioneers of the Internet Survey. It specialises in employee surveys, organisation effectiveness surveys and member organisation surveys.

There are a number of d-i-y survey systems on the internet, but each involves a steep learning curve and can tie up valuable management time and resources. Why re-invent the wheel, when Benchpoint can do it all for you? Survey design, hosting, real time results and detailed analysis – with recommendations for action and change, if required.

We have deep experience working for many different national and international businesses and associations. We work quickly, cost effectively, and, because we are owner-managed – we care.

We use the latest and most appropriate software platform to create questionnaires and host surveys, (multi-lingual if necessary).

Our multi-disciplined team has long experience in corporate management, HR, communications and IT and can bring multi-faceted wisdom to bear on any problem.

A well conducted survey can be a creative dialogue between an organisation and its audiences, and a powerful management tool for diagnosis and problem solving.

A few Benchpoint™ Case Histories

  • Our work ranges from serious academic studies to simple “Vox Pop” surveys.
  • We design our questionnaires to maximise engagement, interest and entertainment.
  • We minimise exposure to irrelevant questions by conditional branching
  • We analyse the results with rigour, and scrutiny by our expert statisticians
  • We publish our results in easy-to-read reports and publications
  • Real time, fully analysed, results are always available privately or publicly, on line

Company A – FMCG -IT Training Needs audit
Client was implementing a new and complex IT system and needed to know how much people understood about the transition process, and what their training needs and availability were. A Benchpoint™ survey collected the data quickly and line managers could see the results instantaneously. The survey required no internal admin or overhead, and saved days of planning and negotiation. Best of all, it took the guesswork out of the programme implementation.

Company B – European B2B IT equipment supplier – skills and training needs audit
Client had been trying to set up a European conference to bring together internal and external salesforces to discuss future sales training objectives and programme. Unable to agree dates within a short timescale. Benchpoint™ survey audited existing product knowledge and skills and asked channel managers what their priorities were. From this a detailed regional training plan was drawn up and put into action. The whole process took 2 weeks from briefing to delivery. No internal resources used on the client side, no travel or hotels, no sales force or dealer downtime. Client also obtained additional valuable data.

Organisation C – NHS Hospital – consultation on Trust status
Client used a Benchpoint™ survey to ask staff, and “Friends” if it was worthwhile to go for Trust status. Easy and quick to administer, no internal resources used, no paper.

Organisation D – International trade body – Website evaluation survey
A multi-lingual survey of 25,000 website users to determine patterns of usage and satisfaction with various elements of the site, particularly the retail elements. Results delivered quickly. No Paper. Minor use of internal resources.

Company E – Major construction Group – Organisation Effectiveness survey
Client used a Benchpoint survey to obtain a profile of the organisation’s values, behaviours and drivers before embarking on major organisation and positioning changes. The results were broken down by hierarchy, geography and discipline to provide detailed and comprehensive data for planning, objective setting and communications targeting. The demographic data allowed the client to avoid the “one size fits all” approach and to implement a difficult programme with a high degree of sensitivity. The data also provides a benchmark for future measurement.

Company F – Venture Capital fund manager – Employee survey
Annual employee surveys to determine motivation, satisfaction and training needs. A key part of the company’s annual appraisal and rewards system. Management did survey, studied and communicated results, announced organizational changes, set future targets and determined future pay and bonuses all within a 2-week period. No internal resources or admin required.

Company G –Multinational engineering group – Values and behaviours survey
Multi-lingual survey to determine values and behaviours in employee population during a radical change programme. Instrumental in defining communications strategy and identifying potential blockages, by geography (cultural differences) or business sector.

Previous paper surveys took months to deliver results. Benchpoint™ delivered in 3 weeks at a fraction of the cost.

Organisation H – Specialist hospital and medical school – Consultation on corporate logo and design
Client wished to bring its image up to date and required a simple and quick means of consulting its Fellows and Members on the suitability of various proposed corporate identities. Benchpoint™ questionnaire incorporating full graphics enabled the consultation to be achieved very quickly with no fuss or paperwork.

Company I – Specialist recruitment agency -market survey
Annual survey of the participants in the client’s specialist sector to determine, satisfaction, aspirations, detailed feedback on specific topics, plus a comprehensive analysis of remuneration and working conditions, cut by status, sector and many other demographics.

Questionnaire Design

Benchpoint has a number of standard questionnaires which can be customized to meet specific customer requirements:

  • Management Probe™ – A comprehensive questionnaire which analyses the values, behaviours and organisation effectiveness. A valuable tool for pre-change benchmarking, and post-change  measurement.
  • Communications survey – A simultaneous survey of senior management and employees to resolve issues of communications reach, effectiveness and credibility in any organisation.
  • Web effectiveness survey A survey to analyse use and effectiveness of different components of a client’s website.

Benchpoint can design questionnaires to meet most client requirements.


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